Zaba The Frog



Zaba The Frog is a 2D platformer game focused on quick and challenging gameplay. Your job as a player, is to help not very smart, lazy frog. Goal of each level is to collect enough flies and reach the exit portal. Be aware that as frog eats, it’s becoming bigger and it’s easier to die.


Our inspiration for the style of gameplay is the mix of games like LocoRoco and Super Meat Boy. Player doesn’t have direct control over the frog, instead he only controls rotation of whole environment and have to avoid many traps and obstacles. Game is fast and challenging, you will die a lot, but with a little practice you can achieve goal.

Furthermore each level has one of three prizes. Standard diamond just for finishing it. Golden token, which is often hidden or is located in some dangerous place. Last but not least is time trophy awarded for finishing level in particular time. This way players who likes to earn everything in games and want to test their skills will find a lot to do in game.


– fast, challenging gameplay
– over 50 cleverly designed levels with multiple passages and secrets
– 4 worlds with different settings and unique features
– time trials
– Achievements
– squishable frog